Some agents are registered at providers with different information (e.g. Legal name vs Trading name) or different addresses.  This can give rise to 2 entries for the same business.  If you can't see an expected registration for any particular agent, please contact the agent or provider directly.  This directory is not an endorsement or recommendation of the service offered by any agent.  Searches are limited to 100 results, to prevent unauthorised use. Trading Standards and other authorised users may contact us for wider access. 

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       Dispute Resolution (Redress)
      Redress schemes can help resolve complaints which customers and property agents have not been able to resolve between themselves.


          The Property OmbudsmanLiveDaily
          The Property Redress SchemeLive (awaiting branch data)Daily
       Client Money Protection
      Client Money Protection Schemes make sure that landlords and tenants are compensated if the agent can't repay their money, for example if the agent goes into administration.
          Client Money ProtectLive (awaiting branch data)


          RICSLive (awaiting branch data)

      No daily changes due to error at RICS

          Property MarkManual submissionsLatest 10 January (branch data missing from latest update)
          SafeAgentManual submissionsLatest 26 October
          UKALAManual submissionsLatest 7 October
          Money ShieldManual submissionsLatest 10 January
       Tenancy Deposit Protection

      Landlords must put client deposits in a government-approved tenancy deposit scheme (TDP) for homes rented on an assured shorthold tenancy that started after 6 April 2007.  Tenants must not rely on the fact that a business *usually* uses a particular scheme, but must be shown written evidence of the correct registration of each individual deposit.


          Deposit Protection Service

      Excluded at this stage

          MyDepositsExcluded at this stage
          Tenancy Deposit SchemeExcluded at this stage
       Anti Money Laundering
      Money laundering means exchanging money or assets that were obtained criminally for money or other assets that are ‘clean’. The clean money or assets do not have an obvious link with any criminal activity. Money laundering also includes money that’s used to fund terrorism, however it’s obtained.  Property Agents must register with HMRC's Supervised Business Register, subject to certain exceptions.


          Supervised Business Register HMRCNot yet available from HMRC

      It's complicated!

      Agents only have to register for those protections which relate to the type of service that they provide (e.g. sales or lettings or both) and some exclusions apply (eg HMRC registration isn't needed where lettings are less than 10,000 euros per property per month).   We therefore propose to include a "not applicable" flag to make it easier to see where an agent is fully compliant despite showing fewer than 4 registrations. 

      Up to date?

      Providers may update their data as often as they wish and preferably no less than daily/overnight.  The entry for each agent shows the date and time when it was last updated by the scheme provider, but this may sometimes be subject to delays for technical or other reasons.  If in doubt, please confirm an agent's current membership directly with the provider, using the links on their business page within this site.